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Global Performance Testing are dedicated to honest and reliable tracking of your performance in day-to-day life.

With decades of expertise in applied technologies, sport sciences, allied health and exercise physiology our team of professional staff are dedicated to supporting your journey to wherever you are heading.

Proudly partnering many leading brands in sport and health technologies, we exclusively apply our services to the GPTQA international standards to guarantee our quality assurance ever time.

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In 2010 I made a commitment to a fifty-year project to change the habits of sport and wellness organisations with valid, ethical and reliable services to reinforce professional development, intervention and future health intelligence.

Today, Global Performance Testing are leading this space and I am proud of our team, partners and supporters who are seeing the true asset in professional human performance tracking.

Graham Dudley

Founder and CEO



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Services we provide

Physical health and performance testing

Fitness, function, cognition and well-being assessments services dedicated at high scale specific to workplaces, schools and sporting environments.

Our teams have serviced elite draft combines for leading sporting organisations including the NFL and performance functional movement and fitness assessments in schools and community sports around the world.

Corporate well-being is a core sector that we support with objective, ethical assessments for pre-employment screening, workplace improvement and in support to allied health for injury prevention, rehabilitation and active living engagement.

Services include:

 All services are provided by trained and GPTQA accredited test staff guaranteeing validity and reliability using the latest in verified technologies.
Virtual tracking tools

Global Wellness Tracking have a secured and dedicated data platform allowing visualisation of personal results and tools to track your progress in achieving health and wellness goals.

Training and accreditation

Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) is a dedicated process to guarantee valid, reliable and consistent data in human performance tracking.

We offer resources and training solutions including online learning, workshops and technical support in applied technologies that meet requirements of international qualification frameworks and curriculums.

Training and accrediation is aligned to sport coaches, teachers, students committed to performance and fitness and allied health practitioners.

Data analysis and consultation

With decades of expertise in sport and health sciences, our team are empathetic to the professional needs of each client.

Our services extend to interpreting data and assist in clients programs for intervention and development.

Impartial technical consultation

If you are considering purchasing any technologies for your teams development, student assessments or employees well-being we can offer our expertise and advice on the best, most efficient solutions on the market.

Our CEO has been part of the global sports and health tech networks for over a decade and applied technologies internationally for even longer meaning we have exceptional knowledge of the capabilities of the latest solutions on the market.

Our consultation services are unbiased and impartial to ensure you have the most reliable information to make an education decision on your asset purchase.