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We advise in the established benefits phase of applied technology for the health and human performance industries.

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Why work with us?

With over a decade of experience in applying health and sport performance technologies internationally, our team are empathetic to your clients needs and the essential environmental influences that can make or break a product and brand reputation when released to market.

We provide confidence that your product is fit for purpose and the end user experience is smooth and effective from day one.


Investors & Businesses

Have confidence that your investment is associated to a product that has a proven market fit and that it has been thoroughly assessed in the environment it has been developed to innovate.

With nine out of ten investments in health and sport tech failing due to misunderstanding the end user needs, taking the time to assess "real-world" application is essential.


Designers & Entrepreneurs

The opportunity to push your product in front of potential clients with significant expertise of the user experience at high scale internationally provides essential and priceless feedback to refine and improve hardware, software and the UX before final version release.

Bounce ideas and get feedback from applied sport and health tech scientists in real-time and benefit from insights in cybersecurity.



Decisions on health, education, sport participation and infrastructure are all dependent upon reliable insights and data.

Global Performance Testing assure an ethical and consistent approach to the collection and interpretation of data on a local and global scale allowing deep mining into real-time trends and facts within your local area and comparable data to other regions and countries.

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