Product Validation & Evaluation

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Essential benefits evaluation


Real-world testing of technology



Initial Evaluation

A comprehensive and agile package that takes your product through a professional evaluation including market analysis and technical competitive research.

Begin the process of a successful product launch (or re-launch) with our initial evaluation package including:


Professional, experienced applied technologist dedicated to your product.


Formal NDA provided to ensure confidence in all communications and sharing of any IP information.


Personal interview to understand the purpose of the product, its intended market sector and limitations.


Initial market research including investigation into potential competitor products, validation papers around similar technologies and existing sales strategies internationally.

First Impression

Physical product evaluation as a "cold" client therefore experiencing the exact processes, environments, packaging and first impression from a user perspective (UX trial).


Detailed report outlining experienced feedback, comments, recommendations and potential concerns around feasibility, reliability and environmental impacts that could cause potential risk to your products validity and brand reputation.

Real-world Trials

Take your product through assessment and testing in real-world environments at scale to truly evaluate limitations and understand the unknowns.

Once the product or application has been initially evaluated and any refinements made, the best plan is to put it through the paces in a real-world environment at a scale that is realistic to the final market expectation.


Professional, experienced applied technologist dedicated to your product.


Comprehensive interview with your team to consider the most common user environment plus extreme outlying scenarios.

The Event

Full management of the creation and execution of dedicated events including finding suitable venues, participants and simulated scenarios all with ethical approval and meeting necessary requirements by law, health and safety.


Event staffing and delivery by GPTQA trained and accredited personnel for reliability.


Detailed report outlining all results, error, deviation, potential reasoning, user feedback and, where required, comparable data from alternative validated sources.


Post-event meeting to discuss and present findings and recommendations.

User Experience

Create instruction manuals, LMS, resources and videos to support a positive and practical user experience from receipt to after-sales services, calibration or updates.

One of the most common mistakes in tech design is a lack of consideration for the user experience post-sale. Our services extend to creating an empathetic process and resources to make this an efficient and enjoyable experience for the final client and user.


Professional, experienced applied technologist dedicated to your product.


Meeting with your team to walk through the absolute necessities required to make the tech or application actually work effectively.


Step-by-step report and recommendations on how to convert the "tech-jargon" into simple language for the user.


Creation of on-boarding process content to convert into branding, labelling and instruction manuals.


Creation of LMS programs where more detailed knowledge or example applications are required including the potential for users to have to "pass" a short accreditation to use with validity.


Creation of videos, images and additional resources for updates, calibration or maintenance procedures.