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GPTQA applied technology training and accreditation


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GPTQA Accreditation Solutions

Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) is a formal approach to consistency in training and evaluating the user's competency when using any technology in human performance and health.

Through a proven process aligned to many global curriculum models, we create a custom user learning and accreditation flow providing valid pass and fail scenarios.


The skills and knowledge required to understand the rationale and outcomes of field testing on people.


The skills and knowledge required to perform reliable field testing on people in controlled environments.


The skills and knowledge required to manage reliable field testing events on people in controlled environments with verified data.


GPTQA essentially covers the conceptual and unbiased approach to assessing people with validity focusing on inter and intra-trial and inter and intra-testing procedures to minimise error and ensure confidence can be maintained in the data reported.


Common issues such as inconsistencies in staff training, environmental factors and application of technologies are eradicated through consistency of GPTQA protocols and procedures.


Professionals who are accredited under GPTQA can provide reliable information in order to provide intervention, development or further progression to the individual. This delivers confidence to the end client.

Applied Technology Training

With more practitioners, coaches and allied health professionals now applying technology on a daily basis, our teams can provide virtual and on-site training to ensure reliable, consistent and valid practice.

Public speaking, one-on-one tuition or group workshops are all options to ensure your team are confident and competent.


Professional, experienced applied technologist dedicated to your team.


Group training and professional development designed for those who physically apply technology on a daily basis as part of their role.


Individual training and professional development specifically to clinicians, teachers, sport coaches and specialists in a closed and private environment.


A range of online and virtual LMS courses designed for professional development and theoretical understanding of specific technologies and protocols.

Public Speaking

Opinions and expertise is available from our leading team of experienced professionals for forums, seminars and Q&A panels internationally.


Deep learning resources with assessment criteria allowing your teams to become officially accredited to specific technologies and processes.

Technology Support Services

With many products produced for global markets, our services extend to the supply of trained and informed staff to take care of your products after-sales care and maintenance services virtually.

From virtual tech support to repair and swap-out services in different countries, we can discuss a solution to suit your expansion.


Highly skilled and dedicated technologists are available to liaise directly with your team and as a conduit between your organisation and the end user.


The GPT team can create, monitor and respond to end user frequently asked questions and feedback responses and outcomes to you for future development.


An opportunity for the GPT team to become your dedicated first response and after-sales customer service line for tech support and general assistance.

Local Parts

Through our expertise and global networks, GPT can offer physical support on the ground with storage, distribution and stock management of spares, accessories and hardware.


We have the potential to assist with physical maintenance of product in different countries including calibration, swap-out and installation services.


With many tech solutions requiring constant updates of software and firmware, we can provide direct support to the end user including communications, advice and notifications of essential processes.