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Data analytics and security



Artificial intelligence and applied research


Cyber Security

Led by our in-house data analyst, our Cyber Security team make sure your product and/or project is thoroughly evaluated to identify risk.

Our services are constantly evolving around the latest guidelines including FDA, GDPR, HIPAA and more regional standards.

FDA & Tech Standard

Where necessary, we can support evaluation and application for FDA approval for your product and advise on areas of established benefits and needs analysis for different standards.

GDPR & Consent

Support and guidance through the pathways of accepting, handling, storing and distributing personal data across multiple jurisdictions including areas of ethical considerations.

HIPAA & Health Data

Advice and guidance on the variables of data types including de-identified data management and sharing limitations between health professionals.


Advice and guidance on regional data storage and requirements when managing data in transit between territories including user rights and administrative duties.

UX (User Experience)

Support in the design and implementation of user data and their UX within security and privacy boundaries.


Support in navigating End User License Agreements (EULA) as a tech developer or user to ensure security and privacy guidelines are considered within your processes.

Data Analytics

As an applied sport and health science business, we are highly skilled in data interpretation and analysis.

We offer a range of services to collect, validate, analyse and provide deep reporting on data including the consideration of error, deviation and reliability to increase confidence in your project and decision making.


Professional, experienced applied technologists dedicated to your project to investigate data sources and interpret to suit your needs.


Comprehensive interview with your team to consider the purpose, needs and any limitations of data integrity.

We design the project with you directly.


Using our experience in human performance tracking and applied technologies we can provide comparative guidance on verified and unverified data sources to reinforce confidence and understand the potential error within datasets for your project.


All GPTQA verified data has been checked through three levels of validation to provide the most reliable resource including identification of environmental scenarios at the time of collection therefore you can be assured of any deviation whether subjective or objective within your project.


Data can be reported and presented in many ways based on consent provided, the data type and project requirements.

Excel, .csv, custom formats, secure platform access or PowerBI are a few standard options.


With the right consent, our team can consolidate historic datasets you may have in many formats and compile new and usable reports. For example, historic fitness testing data in schools can be collated into a longitudinal report on student development over time.

Artificial Intelligence

Technologies require clean and reliable data sources in order for successful computer learning and the creation of trustworthy artificial intelligence.

Global Performance Testing assure the quality and process of data collection through validation to distribution specifically to support innovation in future AI.


Algorithms require high scale, clean data in order to perform at their best and our GPTQA validation process reinforces the fundamental foundation of data collection.

AI Design

Our team of applied technology experts can strengthen your AI design team with real-world knowledge of how technology application can create error and deviation to data.


Partners can access reliable data from our reservoir and utilise APIs to further develop and improve their content and user experience.

Data Sourcing

Where projects require large amounts of data for either development or integration, GPT can source and collect very high scale datasets internationally.


As data analysts, we can filter and organise historic data collected from multiple sources to re-evaluate and collate for specific AI and algorithm training needs.

Our Role

GPT are not AI, application or software designers, we maintain a professional and essential role in supporting clean, valid, consistent and reliable data collection.